Why do I learn English?

Now I am going to mention about what specifically we need to learn in English. Let’s first dive into our past and find out, when was the first time we spoke English? This is the age of the millennial. Therefore, we start talking in English at an early age like 7 or so. That’s the latest age I could think of! When we are young, we try to mirror what we hear from our elders. Same is the case in English with us. We try to listen to the pronunciations and dialects of our parents and teachers; and try to imitate them. This is where we make our first mistake, unknowingly though, and get into the trap of wrong grammar usage and MTI (Mother Tongue Influence). Because of this blunder at such a young stage, we fall prey in the hands of these diseases which take years to cure. But it is well said by wise men- “Better late than never”. It is the same mantra that I would like to say here. We can start and we can START NOW.‘The deeper the foundation the stronger the fortress’.  The stronger your basics i.e. grammar, the stronger your communication will be. English cannot be spoken without an accent. It’s not the 26 letters that matter; it’s the 44 sounds that matter. It is definitely hard to convince our minds at 18 and say that,” Hey! We have to unlearn and re-learn things in the correct way”. This makes our disease a chronic one and let it spread like cancer. Now! The question generally arises, if cancer has a cure then where is the cure for learning English? The answer lies within. We have to start from somewhere. That START is the main objective. If only we can keep our objectives clear can we reach our goal! So, I am going to now mention the list of things that you can do to get that start.
*.Watch a video in English(daily)
*.Watch English movies with subtitles*
.Walk through the lanes and start making simple sentences in your mind about what you see*.
Listen to English songs and try to sing them*.
Blog*.Read loudly for 15 min daily from any book or newsletter*.
Watch news in English*.
Imagine the way you would pronounce the word first, before saying it Last but not the least, if you think you need genuine help, join M.M solutions  and start getting help from a LIVE instructor to get your queries resolved.Are you game for it? If ‘Yes’ join us TODAY.
MOHASSIN , Language Specialist


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