Dajjal ( The Antichrist)

DAJJAL(THE ANTICHRIST) – Prophesied 1400
years ago
– I tell you about him something of which no
prophet told his nation before me. You should
know that he(Dajjal/The Antichrist) is ONE-
EYED, and Allah(God) is not one-eyed.
– He will then give a command to the sky, there
will be rainfall upon the Earth. (HAARP)
– He would travel like cloud driven by the wind.
– He will play beautiful music which will attract
the music lovers. (Modern Music with hidden
symbols & Subliminal messages)http:// http://www.newindianexpress.com/entertainment/english/Vegas-Pub-Expects-to-Break-Longest-concert-Record/2014/10/17/article2482377.ece
– He will claim prophethood and divinity.
– He will send rain and provision upon those
believe him and drought, starvation and
to those who disbelieve. – He will have with
him fire which in reality will be
cold water, and cold water will in reality be a
blazing fire. (Trials & Deception)
– He will perform unusual tricks and skills. (MK-
Ultra, Project Monarch)
– He will kill a person and revive him, and will
attempt to kill this person again and revive him
but now his efforts will now be in vain. German Scientists Prove There is Life After http:// German Scientists Prove There is Life After Deathworldnewsdailyreport.comDeathworldnewsdailyreport.com
– He will be unable to enter Mecca because
Malaikah(Angels) are guarding the Holy City
Madina because there will be Malaikah(Angels)
guarding each seven entrances. SIGNS from
HADITH(sayings of Prophet
– Many people will worship Satan (seen &
aware & unaware)
– Falsehood will become a virtue
– Religious knowledge will be taken away, and
ignorance will prevail
– Wine, intoxicants, alcohol will be drunk in
– Illegal sexual intercourse will become
– Barefoot shepherds will compete in building
tall buildings (Skyscrapers)
– The distance on earth will become short
(Modern Transportation)
– People will ride on saddles that aren’t saddles
– God will send a disease to fornicators that
will have no cure (Aids)
– People will begin to believe in the stars and
reject the divine will and decree (Astrology)
– Earthquakes will increase
– Usury and bribery will become legitimate
(Federal Reserve, World Bank) – Bloodshed will
increase (Georgia Guidestones,
Mass Depopulation)
– Blood of innocents would be shed
– People will indulge in homosexuality and
– People will mortgage their faith for worldly
gains – Rain will be acidic or burning
– Singers and musical instruments will become
popular (Satanic Music Industry)
– People will dance late into the night
– Women will be naked in spite of being
– Trustworthiness will be lost, when authority is
given to those who do not deserve it
– Time will pass more quickly
– People will stop offering the prayers
– Dishonesty will be the way of life
– There will be no shame amongst people
– Imbeciles would rule over the wise – Pride will
be taken on acts of oppression
– Arrogance will increase in the earth
– The rulers will be corrupt
– The scholars will be hypocrites
– Adultery will be rampant
– The liars and treacherous will be respected –
There will be acute famine at the time
– Children would challenge their mothers
– Youngsters would perform marital relationship
with their parents
– There would be no respect for elder people
– When any gain is shared out only among the
rich, with no benefit to the poor
– When a trust becomes a means of making
– Tribulations will prevail
– The appearance of Dajjal(The Antichrist)
– The appearance of Gog(Harut) and Magog
(Marut) – Prophet Iesa(Jesus) will descend
– Prophet Iesa(Jesus) will break the cross
– The Dajjal(The Antichrist) will be followed by
70,000 Jews from Isfahan(Iran) wearing
– Prophet Iesa(Jesus) will kill the Antichrist at
the gate of Lod
– The rising of the sun from the west
– The blowing of the Trumpet, souls will faint
except by God’s will
– Resurrection & Judgement

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