Amazing Weight Loss Diet From Cardiologists – Lose 10 Pounds In Just 5 Days!

15 Days Diet Regimen

During these 15 days, your breakfast will be the same every day and it will be consisted of:

1 fruit (orange, peach, pear, watermelon, melon). However there is one thing you need to remember, during this diet, you must not have bananas or grapes for your breakfast, because they contain too much sugar in them.

Day 1


1 orange1 boiled egg1 cup of yogurt (200 ml)


2 tomatoes or 2 dl of cooked tomatoes2 hard-boiled eggs½ cucumbers or 1 small piece of lettuce2 pieces of rusk

Day 2


1 orange1 boiled egg1 cup of yogurt


125 grams of beef (boiled)1 tomato1 rusk1 orange1 cup of coffee or tea (sugar-free)

Day 3


1 boiled egg1 orangeA cup of yogurt1 cucumber or lettuce


125 gr of boiled beef1 orange1 rusk1 cup of tea or coffee (sugar-free)

Day 4


125 grams of cow milk cheese1 tomato1 rusk


125 grams of beef (boiled)2 tomatoes1 apple1 rusk

Day 5 Lunch

200 grams of boiled meat or fish1 tomato1 rusk


½ kilos boiled carrot, peas or potato

Remember this:

You need to cook your vegetables or meat without or with extremely small amount of salt.The 6th and 7th day you need to make a break from this diet and then continue with it in the 8th day.Alcohol is strictly forbidden while implementing this diet regimen.

The first results of this diet will be notable in the first 5 days and you will lose approximately from 5 to 10 pounds. Remember it is very important that you make a break of 2 days and then continue with the same diet plan 3 times. Make sure that you follow this scheme, 5 days + 2days pause. If you follow this scheme you will avoid any side effects and you will lose up to 30 pounds. After the whole diet, you can eat everything you want every day, except Mondays, and your pounds will not come back. Now, during the Mondays you should consume the following meals:


1 cup of lemon juice (sugar-free)


1 apple1 rusk


1 boiled egg
1 tomato
1 rusk

During this diet, you can eat all these foods hot or cold. However it is crucial that you consume them in the adequate order and not skip any. This means that if you don’t eat these foods in the adequate order, or you just substitute one food with another, the diet regime will not work.

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