If You Think That Water is Simply There to Quench Your Thirst, Then Think Again! This Woman Drank A Gallon of Water Per Day for a Month: You Will be Amazed How she Looked Afterwards (PHOTOS)

Daily consumption of water is crucial for proper body functioning.


However, very few people drink the needed amounts of water per day. Sarah Smith is 42 years old and she has two children and lives in the United Kingdom. She did not intake the recommended 2-3 liters water per day and she had problems with digestion and experienced frequent headaches. When she consulted her physician, concerning both of her health problems, she decided to listen to the physician’s advice and increase her daily water intake. Moreover, she also decided to photograph herself during her one month experiment of drinking 3 liters of water through the entire day for a whole month and see whether there will be any visible results.

At the beginning of the experiment, while looking at a photo of her, Sarah concluded that although she is 42, she looks more like 52 which is rather shocking. Moreover, she had dark circles under her eyes, a lot of wrinkles and red blotches, and the skin had no glow. So, she began drinking one liter of water in the morning, another one in the afternoon, and the last liter in the evening.

When the first week of the experiment ended, she noticed improvements in her bowel movement and her urine was clear since the water flushed out her dehydrated kidneys. What’s more, she noticed skin breakouts, a result of the removal of the toxins out of her body. Hence, the headaches stopped and the joint stiffness she experienced in the mornings decreased. In the second week of the experiment, Sarah saw improvement in her skin tone and complexion, but there were still wrinkles around her eyes. Additionally, her stomach got flatter and she no longer had problems with cellulite. During week three, Sarah’s wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes were gone and her skin was rejuvenated. What she also noticed, was the fact that she was eating less during this stage, since previously she misread the stomach signals for hunger signals, when they were actually thirst signals. In fact, according to a research, 37% of people mistake thirst for hunger signals. Furthermore, during the fourth week, Sarah could not believe the amazing difference of her face. She felt as a completely different woman. This transformation brought her numerous benefits, not only for her face, but her body as well. She no longer experienced bowel problems, her body figure improved, and the headaches were a thing of the past! Note that she did not change anything else apart from the 3 liters of water intake per day. See the results for yourselves at the photos below:


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