5 detailed reasons to go for ketosis for losing weight

Ketosis is basically a diet plan wherein the brain and body get energy through ketones in place of glucose. Ketosis is extremely beneficial in maintaining blood sugar levels and providing consistent energy to the body.

5 detailed reasons to go for ketosis for losing weight:

1) it takes away fat from your abdominal cavity – generally, we have two types of fat in our body, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. The latter is present in the abdominal cavity and can lead to insulin resistance and inflammation. Ketosis predominantly reduces fat from this area and helps protect the body against many such troublesome conditions including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

2) it reduces your appetite – the major drawback of all sorts of diets is that you feel extremely hungry and eventually give up on your strict diet schedule. Ketosis includes consumption of low-carb foods which have the ability to bring down your appetite by a considerable amount, thus making you consume fewer calories.

3) it brings down the level of fat molecules – triglycerides are known as the fat molecules of the body and consumption of carbohydrates is the major driver behind these molecules. Therefore, a low-carb diet effectively reduces the level of triglycerides and thus helps protect your body against various heart ailments.

4) it keeps your blood pressure under check – high blood pressure can lead to certain serious conditions such as kidney failure and stroke. Reduced consumption of carbohydrates brings down your blood pressure to an adequate level, thus keeping you safe from all these ailments.

5) it improves ldl cholesterol pattern – ldl is known as bad cholesterol and people with high levels of ldl are more prone to heart ailments as compared to those with lower levels of ldl. Ketosis diet increases the size of ldl particles, thus reducing their number and making them benign in nature.

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Posted by Dt. Manidipa Dey

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