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It is common knowledge that eggs are one of the most healthy food products but some people tend to believe that it should be eaten only in winters. However, every season is perfect egg season as eggs contain the perfect balance of all vitamins, minerals and proteins essential for your health.

here are 5 reasons to include eggs in your daily diet.

1) eggs increase the level of good cholesterol – egg white is completely free of any cholesterol and is extremely healthy. Moreover, even the yolk contains only 5 gm of fat and 213 mg of cholesterol. Out of this, the amount of saturated fat contained by the yolk is only 1.5 gm. In fact, research has proven that people who consume eggs on a regular basis have higher levels of hdl or good cholesterol.

2) eggs enhance eye health – egg yolks have been found to protect against macular degeneration. They also contain vitamin a and lutein which help in keeping your eyes and vision in good shape.

3) eggs are packed with goodness – not only are eggs an abundant source of iron, selenium, phosphorous and essential vitamins, but they also contain all nine amino acids and a good 6 gm of protein.

4) egg consumption helps in weight loss – according to nutritionists, eating two eggs for breakfast can go a long way in aiding weight loss. Eggs have a high satiety index and thus you are bound to feel full after eating them. Also, a single egg contains only 77 calories which is an extremely minor amount.

5) eggs keep your hair and nails healthy – protein is the key to healthy hair and nails and eggs contain plenty of essential proteins which help maintain shining hair and strong nails.

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