Here is why Samsung’s billionaire chief is now in jail sleeping on the floor

It’s not been a good week for Samsung’s ex-vice chairman, Jay Y. Lee


Since the impeachment of the South Korean president, a lot of the leader’s confidantes have been held up in jail for questioning, one of them being the high-profile Samsung chief who is a multi-billionaire.

The third-generation Samsung heir is now stuck in jail in a small 71-square-foot detention cell with a toilet in the corner behind a partition.

He, along with other members of President Park Geun-Hye’s team, was arrested this week on corruption charges for which they have all pleaded not guilty.

Apart from that, there is a strict order for Jay Lee to be held in solitary confinement, to avoid irrelevant contact with other prison inmates involved in the impeachment.

Jay Lee is one of the richest people in South Korea. With a wealth of $6.2 billion, Lee resides in his modest $4 million mansion in Seoul and heads the Samsung consumer electronics group.
How much ever wealth you may amass, you cannot fight the big hands of the law.

Despite that, no special treatment will be given to him and he will be given simple meals worth 1,443 won or $1.26, usually rice with side dishes.


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