Lose Weight Fast And Boost Your Metabolism Just By Pressing These 4 Points On Your Body

It is known that people in the past used acupressure and acupuncture in order to reduce the symptoms of some diseases and to deal with certain health problems.
These techniques are not complicated at all. Every organ in our body is connected with a certain part or point in our body by the energy that flows in it.

If you want to improve the work of any organ and to increase its activity you will have to massage the point which is related to that organ.

Accordingly, these techniques will help you to lose some weight. If you apply pressure on these 4 points you will lose weight.

The massage can boost your energy and metabolism; it can eliminate fat and prevent additional fat deposits. You will be able to control your appetite.

These are the 4 points:

1. Face

By massaging this point you will reduce anxiety and manage your appetite. This will help you a lot, especially if you tend to overeat because of stress. The point is located between the upper lip and the nose. Massage 2 times daily for 5 minutes.


2. Arm

If you massage this point you will eliminate body heat and stimulate the work of the intestines. This point is one of the most important, because all energy passes here. Massage the point 2 or 3 times daily, for approximately 3 minutes


3. Leg

The name of this point is Zu San Li. it is mostly used in acupressure. It can boost digestion; prevent and reduce many inflammatory processes. People also call it “Pressure of Longevity”. If you massage this point regularly you can lose 1 pound in seven days. This point is located below the knee cap. How to find this point? Use your right palm and cover your left knee. Then between the ring finger and the end of the little finger, between the bones you will see a minor dent. Here is the location of the Zu San Li point.

You should massage this point clockwise, nine times on each leg. The massage should last approximately 10 minutes. Remember not to massage this point before going to bed, because it can cause insomnia. It is normal to feel a mild pain or discomfort while you massage this point; it means that you are massaging the point properly.



By massaging this point you will boost your metabolism and you will lose weight easily. Start with a gentle massage by using your thumb. Do the massage 3 times daily, for approximately 3 minutes.