Here is why Samsung’s billionaire chief is now in jail sleeping on the floor

It’s not been a good week for Samsung’s ex-vice chairman, Jay Y. Lee


Since the impeachment of the South Korean president, a lot of the leader’s confidantes have been held up in jail for questioning, one of them being the high-profile Samsung chief who is a multi-billionaire.

The third-generation Samsung heir is now stuck in jail in a small 71-square-foot detention cell with a toilet in the corner behind a partition.

He, along with other members of President Park Geun-Hye’s team, was arrested this week on corruption charges for which they have all pleaded not guilty.

Apart from that, there is a strict order for Jay Lee to be held in solitary confinement, to avoid irrelevant contact with other prison inmates involved in the impeachment.

Jay Lee is one of the richest people in South Korea. With a wealth of $6.2 billion, Lee resides in his modest $4 million mansion in Seoul and heads the Samsung consumer electronics group.
How much ever wealth you may amass, you cannot fight the big hands of the law.

Despite that, no special treatment will be given to him and he will be given simple meals worth 1,443 won or $1.26, usually rice with side dishes.

#‪#‎MINOR‬ 77 SIGNS OF QIYAMAH (The day of Judgement)

Scary how close we are to it already, read it
all and remind the heart. I found these online.
Please clarify if they are authentic.
1. Time will pass rapidly. [Bukhari, Muslim, &
2. Good deeds will decrease. [Bukhari]
3. People will become miserly. [Bukhari]
4. There will be much killing and murder.
[Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah, & Ahmad]
5. Power and authority will be given to wrong
people. [Bukhari]
6. Honesty will be lost. [Bukhari]
7. The disappearance of knowledge and the
appearance of ignorance [Bukhari, Muslim,
Ibn Majah, & Ahmad]
8. A mountain of gold will be disclosed from
beneath the River Euphrates, but we are
not to take anything from it.
9. The appearance of 30 false messengers.
10. Two large groups, adhering to the same
religious teaching, will fight each other with
large numbers of casualties. [Bukhari &
11. Earthquakes will increase [Bukhari &
12. Wealth will be in abundance, to the extent
that it will be difficult to find someone in
need of Zakat. [Bukhari]
13. When people begin to compete with others
in the construction of taller buildings.
14. A man will pass by a grave and wish that
he was in their place. [Bukhari]
15. The conquest of Constantinople by the
Muslims. [Ahmad, Muslim]
16. Stones and trees will help the Muslims
fight against the Jews.
17. The consumption of intoxicants will be
widespread. [Bukhari & Muslim]
18. Adultery and fornication will be prevalent.
[Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah]
19. Women will outnumber men, eventually the
ratio will be 50 women to 1 man. [Bukhari,
Muslim, & Ahmad]
20. People will strive for power about mosques.
21. Adultery and fornication will be prevalent.
[Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah]
22. People will cheat with goods. [Ibn Majah]
23. Paying Zakat becomes a burden and
miserliness becomes widespread; charity is
given reluctantly. [Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah]
24. Leaders will not rule according to the
Commands of Allah.
25. Only the rich receive a share of any gains,
and the poor do not. [Tirmidhi]
26. The leader of a people will be the worst of
them. [Tirmidhi]
27. A trust is used to make a profit. [Tirmidhi]
28. When a man obeys his wife and disobeys
his mother; and treats his friend kindly
while shunning his father. [Tirmidhi]
29. When voices are raised in the mosques.
30. People will treat a man with respect out of
fear for some evil he might do. [Tirmidhi]
31. Men will begin to wear silk. [Tirmidhi]
32. Female singers and musical instruments
will become popular. [Tirmidhi]
33. When the last ones of the Ummah begin to
curse the first ones. [Tirmidhi]
34. The nations of the Earth will gather against
the Muslims like hungry people going to sit
at a table full of food. This will occur when
the Muslims are large in number, but “like
the foam of the sea”.
35. The Muslim conquest of Jerusalem.
36. A great plague will spread over the land –
may be in reference to the plague of
Amwas during the Caliphate of Hazrat
Umar ibn al-Khattab. [Bukhari]
37. Wealth will increase so much so that if a
man were given 10,000, he would not be
content with it. [Ahmad & Bukhari]
38. A trial will arise in Arabia which will not
spare a single household. [Ahmad &
39. A treaty will be made between the Muslims
and the Westerners – which they will
breach with an army of 12,000 soldiers
under 80 banners. [Bukhari]
40. Books/writing will be widespread and
(religious) knowledge will be low. [Ahmad]
41. People will beat others with whips like the
tails of oxen – this may be in reference to
the slave trade. [Muslim]
42. Children will be filled with rage. [at-
Tabarani, al-Hakim]
43. Children will be foul. [at-Tabarani, al-
44. Women will conspire. [at-Tabarani, al-
45. Rain will be acidic or burning – reference to
acid rain. [at-Tabarani, al-Hakim]
46. Children of fornication will become
widespread or prevalent. [at-Tabarani, al-
47. When a trust becomes a means of making
a profit. [Tirmidhi, Al-Haythami]
48. Episodes of sudden death will become
widespread. [Ahmad]
49. There will be people who will be brethren in
public, but enemies in secret. (When asked
how that would come about, he replied,
“Because they will have ulterior motives in
their mutual dealings, and at the same time
they will fear one another.”) [Tirmidhi]
50. People will walk in the marketplace with
their thighs exposed.
51. Great distances will be traversed in short
spans of time – reference to vehicles,
52. The people of Iraq will recieve no food and
no money due to oppression by the
Romans (Europeans). [Muslim]
53. People will hop between the clouds and the
54. When singers become common. [Al-
55. People will dance late into the night.
56. People will claim to follow the Qur’an but
will reject Hadith & Sunnah. [Abu Dawood]
57. People will believe in the stars. [Al-
58. People will reject al-Qadr (the Divine
Decree of Destiny). [Al-Haythami]
59. Smog will appear over cities because of the
evil that they are doing.
60. People will be carrying on with their trade,
but there will only be a few trustworthy
61. There will be attempts to make the deserts
62. Women will be naked in spite of being
dressed, these women will be led astray &
will lead others astray. [Muslim]
63. The conquest of India by the Muslims, just
prior to the return of Prophet Jesus, son of
Mary. [Ahmad, an-Nisa’i, Tabarani, al-
64. There will be a special greeting for the
people of distinction. [Ahmad]
65. Wild animals will be able to talk to
humans. [Ahmad]
66. A man will leave his home and his thigh or
hip will tell him what is happening back at
his home. [Ahmad]
67. Years of deceit in which the truthful person
will not be believed and the liar will be
believed. [Ahmad]
68. Bearing false witness will become
widespread. [Al-Haythami & Ahmad]
69. When men lie with men, and women lie
with women. [Al-Haythami]
70. Trade will become so widespread that a
woman will be forced to help her husband
in business. [Ahmad]
71. A woman will enter the workforce out of
love for this world. [Ahmad]
72. Arrogance will increase in the earth.
[Tabarani, al-Hakim]
73. Family ties will be cut. [Ahmad]
74. There will be many women of child-bearing
age who will no longer give birth.
75. There will be an abundance of food, much
of which has no blessing in it.
76. People will refuse when offered food.
77. Men will begin to look like women and
women will begin to look like men

Magic Recipe For Fastest Hair Growth Naturaly

When someone complains of hair loss or baldness, aging is the first thing that comes to mind. But aging is not the only factor that is the culprit nowadays. Thanks to our modern lifestyle, the environment and the associated factors like pollution, stress and toxins in food, even young people are beginning to suffer from hair loss.


Hair loss has become a big menace for both the sexes, and affects everyone’s confidence. When faced with the dilemma, people often use different methods to achieve their old looks. But most often they end up messing up things.

All the chemicals that companies advertise actually don’t deliver the desired results. Then there is the option of hair transplantation, but it is too expensive for everyone.

So how are you going to treat your hair loss problem without using ineffective and costly methods?

We have come across the best and safest way to treat hair loss and baldness, and the truth is that it does work. This method doesn’t require you to get costly or artificial chemicals.

You can prepare the treatment right at home. The best thing is that it requires nothing more than 3 ingredient.

Recipe for Fastest Hair Growth

The following guide will tell you how to prepare this almost free remedy:

Castor Oil – 2 tablespoonsEgg yolk – from 1 eggHoney – 1 tablespoon

Take a bowl and mix all these ingredients together. Stir well to ensure that they are mixed properly. Apply the mixture smoothly on the hair roots and the length of the hair. Put on a shower cap and wait for at least 2 hours.

Wash the hair with shampoo/conditioner. You may also use hair mask. Apply it at least once a week and follow the routine for 2 months.

Benefits of Remedy for Hair Re-Growth

Castor Oil – This oil has been used for thousands of years for treating hair loss. It has strong antifungal and antibacterial properties. It helps eliminate dandruff, infections of the scalp and folliculitis. The ricinoleic acid present in castor oil helps in improving blood flow to the hair roots (scalp) and promotes hair growth. Studies show that it has the potential to improve hair growth by as much as 5 times.
Honey– Honey is itself a powerful antioxidant that also has great fungicidal and germicidal benefits. When combined with its natural wax, all these properties make honey the perfect hair conditioner that prevents hair loss.
Egg Yolk– Egg yolk has amino acids and proteins which are great nutrients for the hair. Besides, it contains several other nutrients required for faster and healthier hair growth. The biotin found in yolk helps in renewing the hair follicles and roots.

All these 3 ingredients make the perfect mixture for healthier and fast growing hair. When they are mixed together in this remedy, the benefits for your hair are stunning. There is no need to mess with different chemicals and unproven methods. Your hair will re-grow in the shortest possible time and you will again be a proud owner of long and beautiful hair.

You will gain your self esteem and confidence and both feel great. This hair loss remedy is the best option you will choose for healthy and smooth hair.
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